EXCLUSIVE Spider-Man Rides a Truck { 25 images } Created 26 Jan 2011

January 24th 2011 Los Angeles, CA. ***EXCLUSIVE*** The untitled Spider-Man Reboot movie continues filming an action sequence on the streets of Downtown LA. In this scene, Spider_Man is being chased by the NYPD as he runs through city traffic. Spidey then jumps into the back of a pick up truck then leaps onto tractor trailer and climbs the side of it on to the roof and rides away into the darkness of the night. Spider-Man was assisted by Velcro and a wire to stick to and climb up the side of the tractor trailer. Before the scene a crew member is seen attaching Velcro to Spidey's feet..Photo by Eric Ford / On Location News 818-613-3955 info@onlocationnews.com
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