Alicia Silverstone's Baby Bump Exclusive { 13 images } Created 27 Jan 2011

January 26th, 2011 Acton, CA. ***EXCLUSIVE*** A very pregnant Alicia Silverstone does a Vogue Magazine photo shoot at "Animal Acres" animal sanctuary outside of LA. for which she has been a big supporter of. Alicia spent the day at the shoot laying on a pig, hanging out with some cows, and sitting in a barn with a bunch of turkeys, chickens and ducks. Alicia's Motor Home for the shoot was run on bio diesel fuel. Silverstone was seen snacking on grapes and other healthy items through out the shoot. When the shoot was over, Alicia left for home in her comfortable looking street clothes and flashed a smile as well as a closer look at her baby bump. Photo by Eric Ford 1/818-613-3955
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