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WORLD EXCLUSIVE Transformers 3 First Photos

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June 17th 2010 <br />
Los Angeles, California. <br />
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The very first photos of  Shia LaBeouf and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley filming Transformers 3. Director Michael Bay and actor Tyreese are also photographed. <br />
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This thrilling action scene involves Shia and Rosie being chased by an evil Decepticon Transformer and the US military trying to fend off the evil robot. As Shia and Rosie run for safety through an office building, the Decepticon tips the building over. For this scene one floor of an office building was built on a giant platform that tilts to an angle. <br />
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All cast and crew appeared to be very happy working together and very focused on creating the "greatest action film of all time". Later in the day, while filming continued, a big satellite TV was brought on the set to air the live championship game between the Los Angeles Lakers and the Boston Celtics. Everyone stopped working to watch the final few minutes of the exciting game. When the Lakers won, there were wild cheers and applause by most people on set including big Laker fan, Shia LaBeouf. <br />
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Photo by Eric Ford/On Location News. <br />
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