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Star Trek 2 Exclusive-Spok vs Villian Epic Battle Scene

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***WORLD EXCLUSIVE*** February 21st 2012 <br />
Los Angeles, CA.  <br />
The first images from the set of the highly anticipated untitled Star Trek Sequel. The closely guarded plot of this film is partly revealed in these photos which show Zachary Quinto as Spock in a very intense fight with British Actor Benedict Cumberbatch who appears to be the film's Villain. Director JJ Abrams is seen on set meticulously choreographing & directing this epic fight scene which took place on top of a Space Barge set. The set rotated 180 degrees during the fight scene with large green screens behind the actors. During the fight, it appears that Spock is unsuccessful against his adversary using his "Vulcan Death Grip". Spock proceeds to get pummeled by the Villain who is wearing a black Star Fleet shirt. Photos by Eric Ford/On Location News 1/818-613-3955 info@onlocationnews.com