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EXCLUSIVE Maroon 5 "Misery" Music Video

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May 15th 2010. Los Angeles, CA. ***EXCLUSIVE*** Adam Levine with his beautiful Russian Supermodel girlfriend Anne Vyalitsyna  filming a Maroon 5 Music Video for their song; "Misery". The sexy couple filmed various scenes of loving affection with passionate kissing followed by scenes of humorous violence and destruction. In this action packed Music Video, Adam Levine and his band mates are fleeing from Anne Vyalitsyna who is humorously trying to kill them in various ways. Scenes include a missile gun attack and knife throwing from Anne, Adam being hit by a car while running away, Adam being close lined by Anne off a motorcycle that he is fleeing on,  Adam being kicked through a cafe window as well as being ejected from the window of a high rise building. The couple were constantly kissing, hugging and holding hands while on set. They both shared a big luxury trailer while not filming. Photo by Eric Ford/ On Location News. 818-613-3955. info@onlocationnews.com